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  • Installation cost – A whole house water filtration system can cost anywhere from $500 up to $10,000. The type of system you purchase will depend on your filtration needs and expectations. Some systems can remove a variety of contaminants and minerals, while others remove all particles from your water. Some even help your water to maintain a healthy level of valuable minerals without there being too many.
  • Everything gets filtered – If you aren’t worried about the water you wash your clothes in or your bath water, a whole house filtration system may not be necessary. When all of your water gets filtered, you can’t pick and choose which faucets get filtered and which ones don’t. Even the water going outside to your water hose is being filtered with a whole house system.
  • Losing fluoride – If you value the fluoride in your water that helps maintain strong teeth, a water filtration system may not be right for you. Fluoride is considered a beneficial chemical and is actually purposely added to your drinking water. When all of your water is filtered, you may have to put extra effort into taking care of your teeth.

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